Weirdest Instagram Page Ever

If you have the slightest interest in food or in Meryl Streep this will blow your mind

ok, Say you can choose any obsession in the world what would it be? You can select any animal, vegetable or mineral. Mine would be chocolate but that’s seriously off topic. What’s not offtopic is this super bizzare Instagram page that focuses on Meryl Streep. Sure, we all love Meryl and adored her ever since Sophie’s choice all the way through Devil wears Prada and all the other great flicks she did in between, but this? what the hell were they thinking?

Taste of Streep is a shrine. It is a temple. It is a place to admire the actress and see her photoshopped into super bizarre scenes with food, snacks and drinks. Why? Because we can and because it’s fun, and trust us 133,000 followers can’t be wrong – Taste of Streep is probably the funniest and weirdest page on Instagram you aren’t following just yet. Just how bizarre is it? Have a look.

Meryl Streep as sushi

Meryl Streep as bagel & salmon

Meryl Streep as Avocado Toast

Meryl Streep as Ricota Pastry

Meryl Streep as a sophisticated cocktail

Meryl Streep as a twinkie

Meryl Streep as french fries

Meryl Streep as a burger

Meryl Streep as a cupcake

Meryl Streep as hot sriracha

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