This grandpa is the hottest model in the world, but now he changed everything

This is Deshun Wang, an actor from china. Normally people his age complain about muscle cramps, think twice before going to the supermarket and avoid taking their shirt off in the public as their body isn’t quite what it used to be. Nothing of this applies to our friend Wang. Are you sitting tight? This guy is just unbelievable.

Before we get to how Wang became what he is today, let’s start by telling you that this 80 year old Chinese actor participated in a haute-couture fashion show at China Fashion Week just a few months ago and he was unbelievable.

Wang is an avid user of Weibo (kind of a Chinese Twitter). He often posts about his unbelievable body and abs. And the responses… Something like what you get in America for shirtless Justin Bieber pic.

Take this quote from his Webo account. This is so unbelievable – “Filming a martial arts flick yesterday. I can only strike this pose. The real fighting was done by stunt doubles. I’m getting old…”


The short version of the story – Wang Deshun, a Chinese actor started to learn the English language when was 44. Five years later, he learned Pantomime and just when he reached 50 he started to work out… The results were phenomenal. At the age of 57, he invented a sort of performance art called “living sculpture” and formed a band. At 65 he learned to horse ride and when he was 70 it was time for him to start working on his abdominal muscles. A couple of years ago, at 78, he learned how to ride a motobike. A few month ago he was walking on an important catwalk fashion show in Beijing.

His message to you – “There is no too late. No one can stop you from succeeding, you just need to set your mind to it”.

And our lesson – If you want something, go and get it. Nothing is impossible. At any age and in any condition.

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