She was called the Ugliest Woman on Earth. Her answer was mind-blowing

The most amazing bullying comeback we ever saw came from the bravest woman we ever met. This is her story

Lizzy was influenced by the story of Megan Meier. You might recall Meier’s story as the girl who just a few days before her 14th birthday had committed suicide after becoming the victim a vicious MySpace joke. MySpace was huge at those days and that was the best platform for the cyber-bullying that eventually led the Meier’s self hanging in the closet in 2006.

According to police reports and the long trial that followed, a person called Lori Drew had created afictitious MySpace account for a young handsome boy called “Josh Evans”. She knew that her friend, Megan, had a falling out for this boy but used her for the joke to create a long series of chats and fake messages that he had supposedly sent her. Despite the fact that Lori had known that Meier had suffered from ADD and depression and even thought about killing herself in the past, she never stopped harassing her.

The entire thing climaxed when “Josh” suddenly called Megan and told her that “the world would be better off without you”. That caused Megan to take her own life.

Just recently Lori Drew was sentenced for a maximum of 20 years in jail, however the story had a profound influence on Lizzy who took it as a cue or a message for what could have happened to her too if she wasn’t strong enough, after her own internet humiliation episode.

What Lizzy had decided to do surprised everyone.

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