She was called the Ugliest Woman on Earth. Her answer was mind-blowing

The most amazing bullying comeback we ever saw came from the bravest woman we ever met. This is her story


One day in highschool, Lizzie had a found an online video called “the world’s ugliest woman”. There were more than 4 million views of that 8 second long video of her. She squinted her one working eye and browsed the thousands of comments following the soundless clip. And the comments were bad.

In one of them, a person wrote: “Lizzie, please, do the world a favor, put a gun to your head and just kill yourself”.

Lizzie cried her heart out. She was broken. People called her a monster, a freak. She knew she was different, she suffered so much in school and prayed everyday that she could just erase her condition, eliminate it and be normal like all the other kids. She wanted nothing more but to be like everybody else, but she also knew that she couldn’t.

In a way, that low point, the day of finding that video online was also the turning point in Lizzie’s life. Something changed that day that changed her life for the better ever since.

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