She was called the Ugliest Woman on Earth. Her answer was mind-blowing

The most amazing bullying comeback we ever saw came from the bravest woman we ever met. This is her story


When she was in College, Lizzie had a giant tub of candy under her bed. It was filled to the top with twinkies, donuts, chocolate and potato chips. Her roommate used to tell her that she spotted her after midnight, reaching under her bed, taking tons of food and snacking.

For Lizzie, this really doesn’t matter. She can eat what she wants, when she wants, and she never gains any weight. That’s one reason she smiles and says that there are benefits to this syndrome. ┬áIt’s true, she can not gain significant weight, she is physically very very small and she is visually impaired. All those things don’t cover even half of Lizzie’s health issues and yet she manages to keep her spirit up.

Lizzie’s life and attitude considering what she had to go through as a child and a teenager are just unbelievable. Here is what Lizzie tells about her unusual upbringing.

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