She was called the Ugliest Woman on Earth. Her answer was mind-blowing

The most amazing bullying comeback we ever saw came from the bravest woman we ever met. This is her story

Lizzy had set the bar very high. She wanted to go to college, she wanted to be a motivational speaker, she wanted her own family and she wanted to influence as many people as she could. She is on her way to achieve all of these goals.

She went to college to study communication. She has a strong following online of people who are inspired by her strong character and her unique personality.  She published three books, she had been on dozens of TV shows and was interviewed numerous times. She gave an amazing TED talk where she told the entire world of her story of overcoming severe bullism.

How did she do it? With amazing dedication and internal strength. When she decided that she wanted to be a motivational speaker, as a teenager, she literally went home and Googled: “how to be a motivational speaker”. She used the negativity of the people around her to guide her and be her light on her path to achieve all her goals. But there was still something missing.

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