She was called the Ugliest Woman on Earth. Her answer was mind-blowing

The most amazing bullying comeback we ever saw came from the bravest woman we ever met. This is her story

How could one young lady, once frequently called The world’s ugliest woman, survive in a cruel environment filled with mean people, bullies and internet shame? The answer to that question couldn’t surprise us more and that’s why we felt it’s so important to bring you this inspiring story.

In the following pages, we will share with you the tale of the ugly duckling who fought not only a disease but also social sickness – the terror of being attacked by bad people around you who feel that the best use of their time is to mock you and make fun of you. However, this is a story of light and happiness as the ending is good and heartwarming. Stay with us for the beautiful comeback for the world’s most beautiful and brave ugly woman.

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