No Shame: 17 Celebs Caught Shoplifting

They might be ill, maybe its just a thing for power, but shoplifting is big in Hollywood

7. Farrah Fawcett

user contributed photo

user contributed photo

While the beautiful Farrah is no longer with us, her legacy stays. She was stunning, successful and played in movies like Logan’s Run and The burning Bed. However, she was arrested twice for shoplifting clothes from boutiques. The actress claimed that she was just returning merchandise to the shops and taking other goods with equivalent value. The store owners didn’t accept the goods, she said that she had to take¬†justice into her¬†own hands. That’s so lame, Farrah.

The next actress was a famous TV maid. In real life she made quite a lot of money, so stealing wasn’t really necessary, or was it?

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