No Shame: 17 Celebs Caught Shoplifting

They might be ill, maybe its just a thing for power, but shoplifting is big in Hollywood

6.Megan Fox

user contributed photo

user contributed photo

Seriously, Megan? Stealing makeup? Yea, that’s right. And not only that, but this amazing beauty is not banned from the Walmart store in her hometown in Florida for life. What exactly did she do?

Apparently Megan had an interesting childhood. She was quite the rebel and liked to shoplift little things from stores like gum, candy and the occasional makeup. Things didn’t work out so well for Megan, as she was caught on camera after stealing $7 worth of lipstick. While she denied everything, she didn’t want to get herself in trouble and confessed to the police that she actually stole the goods. Fox is still banned from the store today.


The next star made millions throughout her career but couldn’t resist when she saw a beautiful dress in a shop. She thought she is so worthy that she can just take it.┬áThe police thought otherwise.

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