No Shame: 17 Celebs Caught Shoplifting

They might be ill, maybe its just a thing for power, but shoplifting is big in Hollywood

2. Amanda Bynes

user contributed photo

user contributed photo

Amanda Bynes was doing good, real good. She was appearing in theater productions and commercials and then rose to public glory as child star in the 90s and 2000s. She also starred in the series All That and The Amanda Show on NickelodeonHowever, Amanda had a dark side. In 2014, she has been accusing of shoplifting a hat worth more than $200 on Madison Avenue’s Barney’s. Did you really need the hat so much, Amanda. You could have just asked, somebody probably would have bought you one.

The next shoplifter is probably the most well known celebrity who shoplifted on this list. Yes, she has a problem. Yes, she is trying to work on it. Can you guess who that is?

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