No Shame: 17 Celebs Caught Shoplifting

They might be ill, maybe its just a thing for power, but shoplifting is big in Hollywood

1. Kim Richards

user contributed photo

user contributed photo

This is really sad. The star of┬áReal Housewives of Beverly Hills was taken in custody by a citizen’s arrest on a bright Sunday of May 2015 at a Target in Van Nuys, California. At 4pm a fellow shopper stopped her after noticing she is trying to get away with merchandise worth more than $600. She was brought to the police station and was only released a day after the incident after posting more than $5,000 bail.

Amazingly enough, just a month before that, Richards was held by the police for public intoxication. That incident happened in a Beverly Hills Hotel, and it was rumored that she was very violent towards the police officer who detained her, and tried to kick him in his private parts.

The next celeb shoplifter was a famous child star and host a very popular children show.

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