No Shame: 17 Celebs Caught Shoplifting

They might be ill, maybe its just a thing for power, but shoplifting is big in Hollywood

10. Rex Reed

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user contributed photo

The famous film critic and host of At the Movies was caught after shoplifting three CDs from a Tower Records shop in Manhattan in 2000. The three CDs were found in his jacket pockets and he mentioned that he bought a couple of other CDs and he just forgot to pay for these three. One of the CDs were by artist Peggy Lee, who later sent him her entire catalog of CDs to compensate him for he went through. What he went through? He broke the law for god sakes! In any case, the charges against him were dropped later, but shoplifting is shoplifting, no matter how respectable you appear to be on the television.

The next shoplifter won 6 (!) medals in the Olympics. Can you guess who she is?

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