31 Celebrity Smokers that will Shock you!

Smoking is a bad habit, but who are we to judge? We are just here to spread the information.

What can you say about smoking that haven’t been said yet? It’s really bad for your health, it gives you an awful bad breath and it makes your teeth yellow. However, we are not judgemental. Some of our best friends and family are smokers and we are all humans, we make mistakes and we don’t always act on our best behalf. However, when it comes to celebrities smoking – this is news worth spreading. You need to know if your favorite stars are smokers. That’s just important. Some of the names in this list are going to shock your world. The good girls, the polite boys, the geeks and the nerds – they are all smokers. Curious? Start our little slideshow and you’ll be smarter in a second.

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